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MAR and Recovery Testing, Design and Construction

  • Advanced methods for selection of aquifers, sites and methods
  • Designing for storm water capture
  • Predicting sediment loading/clogging
  • Alternative recharge and recovery systems
  • Innovation in harvesting and storing flood waters
  • Overcoming the hydrogeology/engineering disconnect

MAR and Recovery Operations and Maintenance

  • Monitoring and modeling
  • Tracer testing
  • Clogging management
  • Fate of pathogens and pollutants 
  • Geochemistry and hydrogeology
  • Groundwater hydraulics and storage recovery
  • Training for MAR operators
  • Long-term maintenance requirements/budgeting
  • Modifying operations for long-term sustainability

MAR under SGMA

  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Case Studies

MAR Governance

  • Integrated water resources management
  • Recharge and Recovery policies, standards and regulations
  • Community engagement and MAR awareness
  • MAR to complement groundwater demand management 
  • Legal issues related to storm water capture by MAR systems

MAR and Recovery and Water Resources Management

  • Reclaimed water reuse via MAR
  • Storm water harvesting via MAR (MS4 permitting, etc.)
  • Quantification of benefits and costs of MAR
  • MAR for drinking water quality improvement
  • MAR with desalinated water
  • Mining and industrial applications of MAR
  • MAR to source heat pumps and geothermal injection
  • Mitigating geological problems using MAR - land subsidence, seawater intrusion, etc.
  • MAR for rural and irrigation water supplies
  • MAR in conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater

MAR and Recovery Case Studies

  • Success factors for projects that worked
  • Lessons learned from projects that did not work

Other Issues related to MAR

  • MAR and climate change
  • MAR in urban areas
  • Greenhouse gas considerations in MAR operations